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Am I required to exhibit my items for the entire show or can I just have a space for a few days?

All vendors are required to have their booths for the full, 9 day duration f the show. Vendors must be set up and ready by 9:30 am on opening day; vendors are not allowed to tear down or remove items/displays prior to closing Tuesday.

Am I required to be with my booth every day?

No! That is one of the best parts of being a vendor at our show--you setup your display and items, leave us back-stock, then you are done! You are not required to return to the show until the end as our staff will re-stock, spruce up, and monitor your booth for the duration of the show. If you do not think you will be returning during the show, please leave us sufficient back stock!

Am I allowed to be with my booth to sell my items?

Yes. You are allowed to be with your booth and items to better explain or demonstrate anything particular. Very few vendors exercise this option, but it is open to you and you are not required to be there for a specific duration. Please contact us if you plan to attend your booth personally as that will affect the specific location of your space.

I sell a very specific item. If I am accepted, will other vendors be accepted that sell the same item?

Yes and no. We try to put limits on specific categories of items (such as jewelry or soap items), but we do allow multiple vendors of a specific item (such as jams or jellies, chocolate, peanut brittle, hooded towels, etc). We have found that our customers love having a variety of specific items to select from. 

Do you allow direct-sales items?

We do, but please note that there is a 25% commission rate on all sales and vendors are not allowed to accept cash directly from customers. If a sales  rep takes orders at the show, the payment for those orders must be processed and paid for at the show, and subject to the commission rate. 

Am I allowed to request a specific space or booth?

You can certainly note a request on your application, but we cannot guarantee a specific space or size of booth. We do not start our floorplans until a majority of our applications are received, usually in early August. 

Am I allowed to apply for more than one booth?

Yes! You are required to pay a registration fee for each booth, and if you are applying for different items in each booth, you will need to fill out an application for each.

How are sales calculated?

Every crafter must tag every item they intend to sell with a price and a unique crafter code. Customers pay for their items upon exit at our cash registers, and our registers tabulate all sales for your particular code. Your sales for the entire show are tabulated at the end, and you will be sent a check for your sales minus the commission rate. 

How should I display my items?

That depends on your items. But we find that having a table and props to make your items easily viewable is the way to go. There are some areas of the Aldie Mansion that are dark, so we always suggest bringing a light source (all booths have access to electricity). Keep your booth well stocked and full!

When are the best times to come by and restock?

Either in the morning before the show opens (between 8:30 and 9:30 am), or in the evening when the crowds are slower (after 4 pm). 

How does your waitlist work?

If you are placed on our waitlist, your registration fee check will be returned to you. We typically contact vendors on our waitlist anywhere from 4 weeks to a few days before the show if additional spots open up or if there are last-minute cancellations/no-shows. 

When are applications juried?

Applications are juried in groups at the end of each month, with the exception of jewelry. Due to the high volume of jewelry applications we receive, these will be juried beginning in June. 

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